April 21, 2021
Due to the province-wide Stay-at-Home order being extended until at least May 20, past the AISL season end date (May 14), the remainder of the AISL Winter season is cancelled.
Players - if you have any questions, please send them to your team managers.
We thank our team managers for their work organizing their teams, and helping promote our safe sporting experiences. Thank you players for adhering to these safety measures.
Thank you to the staff at the Beckwith Recreation Complex for their efforts to provide us with a safe venue for our sporting experiences.
Thank you to the Carleton Place Soccer Club for helping move the AISL player registration process online. 
It wasn't an easy year, and it's unfortunate that we have to end the season early, but we apprecaite the trust you put in us to provide you with safe sporting experiences.
We hope this season helped provide some normalcy in this new reality.
Stay safe and enjoy the summer. We look forward to seeing you for the AISL 2021 Fall season.


March 22, 2021
Our health unit has moved from the PROTECT level into the CONTROL level of the framework.
AISL may resume once the local health unit's framework level has returned to PREVENT, PROTECT, or RESTRICT, subject to any additional class orders at the time.


March 15, 2021
Our health unit has moved from the PREVENT level into the PROTECT level of the framework. This does not impact our games or rules (league rules were modified at start of season to be acceptable for RESTRICT level without changes throughout the season).
However, as per Section 22 Class Order in effect as of March 5, 2021 until rescinded by the local health unit, AISL soccer activites are paused.
AISL may resume once this Section 22 Class Order is lifted, subject to local health unit's framework level and any additional class orders at the time.


March 4, 2021
Due to the high level of community transmission in our neighbouring communities, the Township of Beckwith Council has decided, after consultation with the Health Unit, to close the Beckwith Recreation Complex effective Friday, March 5th, 2021 until further notice.
All games are postponed until the complex reopens.


February 12, 2021
We are excited to annouce that the AISL Winter season will resume this week with games starting on Wednesday February 17 as our local health unit will return to the PREVENT level of the framework.
Check the divisional schedule pages for the updated schedule.
Please remind yourself of arrival and departure instructions are posted in the return to play guide, found here.
Some of the important points include:
- If you have a cough or any symptoms, be wise and comply - stay home please.
- On game day complete the Government of Ontario COVID-19 self-assessment test, found here.
- Arrival and departure instructions.
    - enter east side of dome, not the lobby, no more than 10 minutes before your scheduled kickoff, change on the black common floor area, and enter the field of play from the arena side of the netting.
    - leave the building no more than 5 minutes after your match ends from the netting on the east side of the field of play (you have 5 minutes to change, do a cool down, and exit building please).
- No spectators.
- Bring your own pre-filled water bottle (no sharing).
- No deliberate heading of the ball.
- No deliberate and prolonged physical contact.
    - it is expected that there will be incidental contact between players during a match;
    - no shaking hands;
    - no hugging.
Wear a mask when:
    - entering the facility;
    - changing into kit on black floored common area;
    - going to the bathroom;
    - changing out of kit on touchline after the match; and
    - leaving the facility
Wearing a mask is not mandatory when:
    - you are on the field to warm up;
    - you are a substitute on the touch line (respect social distancing);
    - you are playing in the match;
    - you are performing post-match cool down exercises /stretches 
Consider wearing a sport mask while on the field.
We look forward to seeing you on the pitch next week!


February 9, 2021
The AISL consults with (1) the local health unit, (2) the local sport governing body, and (3) the Township of Beckwith to ensure safety measures meet or exceed published government regulations.
As such, we may require a week or more after entering an AISL operational framework level before resuming soccer activities.
As per media release February 8 2021 (available here), the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit is expected to return from the Provincewide Shutdown and Stay-at-Home-Order to the COVID-19 Response Framework on February 16 2021.
The AISL may safely operate while our health unit is in the PREVENT, PROTECT, and RESTRICT level. These three levels encompass the AISL's operational framework levels.
Strict safety measures were put in place from the onset of this season, using the framework of the RESTRICT response level, to ensure that league rules were modified to comply with the RESTRICT framework.
This allows the AISL to operate safetly and without the need to make changes to this season's rules as the season progresses and as the health unit moves between the different AISL operational framework levels.
If the health unit moves out of the AISL's operational framework levels and into CONTROL or LOCKDOWN levels, the AISL will immediately pause all soccer activities.
We look forward to announcing our Return to Play date soon.





Please note that we are a part of the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit.


From December 26 2020 - January 23 2021, we are in Grey - Maximum Measures (Lockdown) public health measures stage.


As per the government of Ontario‘s newest release regarding health and safety measures during the pandemic, the AISL will pause all soccer operations until the lockdown is lifted.
If all goes well, the winter season will resume with games on January 27/28/29. The schedules will be pushed back accordingly.
There are a lot of unknowns at this time, and we appreciate your patience and cooperation.
As we get closer to the date of lockdown lifting, estimated January 23, we will communicate the next steps (expected resumption of soccer, more delays due to lengthening lockdown, and updated safety guidelines/requirements, etc).
We wish you and your families a safe and healthy next four weeks.



See regional public health measures stages here.
Please note that as per current health unit guidelines, league play will be paused if the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit moves into the CONTROL (red) or Lockdown (Grey) public health measures stage.
If a pause occurs, it is expected to start as a 4-week (28-day) pause, with the situation determining the length.
Every attempt will be made to safely and legally complete the season.
However, if / when deemed appropriate, the season may be cancelled.

Please note that soccer is a sporting event and as such is subject to gathering limits for sporting events, not gathering limits for private events. 
Please see the AISL Return To Play Guide for information on how the AISL will run differently this season.